• The total score is 30. A minimum score is required for a Certificate of Excellence. The Certificate of Excellence winner with the highest score in each category will be considered for the Best of Category award.
    总分为 30 分。能达到最低评分标准者可获优秀证书。每个类别的优秀证书得主当中,得分最高者将获颁发最佳项目奖。
  • The highest scoring winners in Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design categories will be considered for the Best of the Best trophies.
  • To ensure the entries are competing to achieve a set of standard of excellence instead of within the pool of entries, a minimum score is required to qualify for every award.
  • Scoring will be based on the following:
    • Main objectives of the client’s brief and description of design (10 points)
      介绍客户的主要需求及设计方案的描述( 10 分)
    • Description of key elements of design, material used, and how these contributed to the success of the design (20 points)
      说明主要的设计元素、使用的材料,及上述两点令设计成功的独到之处( 20 分)
  • The judging process will take place online via the confidential A&D China Awards platform. Judges will have three weeks to review the entries, apply a predetermined scoring system to allocate points to specific entries. An average score will be calculated from the scores given by the judges.
    评审过程于 A&D 建+设大奖的网站进行,所有过程绝对保密。 评审将有三周时间审视参赛作品并采用预定的评分系统评分。 主办单位将根据各评分计算平均分数。